Editor in Chief

Simran Malik is a junior studying Comparative Literature and Computer Science.  She loves playing piano, writing, reading in the law quad, and listening to movie scores.  Her favorite book is Jesus’ Son by Denis Johnson.  She hopes to one day publish a collection of short stories on the extraordinary ordinaries of life.

Editing Committee Chair 

Maya Simonte is an RC sophomore majoring in Creative Writing. She has a vendetta against John Green for the havoc he wreaked on the Young Adult genre as a whole from 2012 to 2016, and spends her free time rereading Wendy Mass novels that she first read in middle school (spoiler: they’re still incredible). Apart from Xylem, Maya is also the prose editor of the Residential College’s literary magazine, the RC Review, and a tutor at the Sweetland Peer Writing Center.

Events Committee Chair

Juhui Oh is a sophomore double majoring in International Studies and Psychology. She hopes to work in international nonprofits or NGOs after college. She is passionate about helping others and one day, she hopes to found a non-profit which empowers marginalized youth to bring their full potential and talents to our society. In her free time, Juhui loves socializing with people, reading, drawing and volunteering for animals. Her favorite animal is chipmunk and she believes that she chose the right university. Just see how many squirrels we have here!

Finance Committee Chair

Tahani Almujahid is a sophomore studying English with a minor in history. She enjoys story-telling through literature and film and how both can be used as ways of healing. When she isn’t delving into worlds outside of her own, she is most likely in her own head, trying to get it all on paper! 

Advertising and PR Committee Chair 

Clare Godfryd is a junior studying Philosophy, Politics, and Economics with a minor in Business Administration. She has been passionate about reading and writing since childhood and joined Xylem to find a community of like-minded people at Michigan. She is excited to attend law school in the future, enjoys reading short stories, and is an avid thrift shopper.

Layout and Design Committee Chair

Aviva Klein is a senior majoring in Bassoon Performance in the School of Music, Theatre, and Dance. She loves science fiction that makes you think, music that brings joy, and people who share intriguing conversation and warmth. Her current favorite book is The Sparrow by Mary Doria Russell!

Submissions Committee Chair

 Angela Chen is a junior majoring in Pharmaceutical Science. Although she spends most of her time drawing molecules and working in a lab, she is so fervent about writing that even the fatal affliction of Great Books essays has, at times, kindled in her an acute sense of pleasure. When she is not typing her feelings away, Angela can be found ranting for the Michigan Daily, scavenging for free food, and feeding her unhealthy obsession with shoes. She would like to someday publish a functional book, instead of mentally narrating every moment of her life in words too long for her own good.