At Xylem, we believe in the creative power of the unrestrained imagination. That’s why our only true requirement for submissions to the magazine is that your original creative work is shareable with the great wide world out there. 

Of course, send us poetry, short stories, creative nonfiction and photography. But how about screenplays, word art, prose-poetry, one-act plays, photographed sculpture, songs, puns, paintings, slam poetry, etchings, memoirs, fairy tales, cartoons, journal entries, interviews, limericks, anime, flash fiction, exquisite corpses, collages, or blackout poetry? We want Xylem to reflect the expansiveness of the artistic mind.

General Guidelines

  1. Create something weird, artsy, poetic, wacky, beautiful, terrifying, funny, whimsical … you get the idea.
  2. Send it to us at
  3. Do it again. And again. And tell your friends to do it.

The Detailed Requirements

  1. We have a blind submissions process to make everything fair and square. Please include your name and contact info in the body of your email or attached as a separate cover sheet, but leave your name off the creative work itself. This allows for all of our staff to consider your submissions anonymously.
  2. Submit away! Multiple submissions of all kinds of art — visual, written, recorded — are welcome, but please limit yourself to 5 submissions.
  3. Formats: Help make life easier for Xylem’s staff! All submissions should be sent as attachments.
    • For written work, please submit in one of the following formats: .docx / .doc  / .rtf
    • For artwork, please submit in one of the following formats: .jpg / .tiff


  • First Wave Deadline: October 27, 2019
  • Second Wave Deadline: January 12, 2020
  • Selected works will be announced early December (first wave) and early February (second wave).
  • The 2019-2020 issue will be published in late March and will be available at our release party (date and location TBD) to all contributing writers and any interested readers for free.