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Xylem Literary Magazine is an independent, student-run literary magazine at the University of Michigan that annually publishes original undergraduate student writing and art, including poetry, fiction, creative nonfiction, artwork and photography.

The journal exclusively features the creative work of University of Michigan undergraduates, and all aspects of the journal’s publicity, production, and publication are student-run. All students are encouraged to submit writing and art for consideration. Beyond submitting work, there are numerous other ways to become involved in the creation of Xylem − from advertising to layout design to selecting pieces for publication.

Get involved!

We’d love for you to join us in all our literary endeavors! Xylem has a close, hardworking staff of anywhere from 15-50 dedicated students interested in wide-ranging fields—from creative writing and publishing to finance and advertising to graphic design and communications. Since the mid-90s, Xylem has maintained a reputation for publishing some of the best creative work by students at the University of Michigan. Whether you’re interested in a leadership position as a member of our Executive Board, or if you would like to submit your own work for an opportunity to be a published writer or artist, or if you’d like a smaller role at one of the best student-run literary magazines on campus, Xylem is waiting for you.

To be added to the Xylem staff email list for information about upcoming meetings and events, please email Ritika Pansare, the Editor-in-Chief, at

Above image: Xylem 2021 issue cover image by Emily Considine